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Progress Asia Consulting helps businesses and government agencies operate more successfully with informed solutions to solve problems, benefit from better public-private cooperation and address demanding challenges. Our company strives to contribute actively to socio-economic progress for communities within the emerging economies of Asia.

Our team and associates provide unmatched insights into the emerging market of Myanmar — and more broadly, South/Southeast Asian economies — to ensure that our clients reach their goals. We provide a rich menu of services including in-depth political intelligence, advising multi-national companies in sensitive engagement with government, and creating strategic partnerships between companies and development actors.

Managing Director Felix Haas has served as an independent consultant to public and private sector clients in Asia since 2013. He has taken on advisory roles in numerous technical and policy areas, has managed a broad array of projects and has been likewise engaged in academia and the media space.

Progress Asia Consulting leverages expertise, reputation and an extensive network to better understanding forces and workings of Myanmar and Asia. We use this to push for progress and socio-economic development.

Our Services


Government Engagement Strategy

PROGRESS ASIA CONSULTING develops smart strategies for businesses to understand government policies and engage with stakeholders in the capitals effectively.

Political and Economic Analyses

PROGRESS ASIA CONSULTING uses the latest studies, statistics, and information from our network on the ground. This provides clients with the quantitative and qualitative data needed to plan well and move forward with greater ease in any political or economic climate.

Policy and Regulatory Advocacy

PROGRESS ASIA CONSULTING creates effective advocacy for a broad range of issue areas in markets that impact our clients’ businesses. We are poised for intensive and sustained campaigns in Myanmar and other economies of the ASEAN region.

Intelligence on Political Dynamics

PROGRESS ASIA CONSULTING provides the reliable political research and reporting needed for local, regional, and multinational enterprises to rely on. This fully informs business leaders of the political dynamics at play in key areas that could affect their business at specific locations.


Market Entry Strategy

PROGRESS ASIA CONSULTING provides market analysis and due diligence required for a successful entry into a new market or industry. Know about key competitors, consumer trends, costs, and other important factors for strategic business decisions.

Market Research

PROGRESS ASIA CONSULTING digs deep to uncover key trends and forces within a proposed or current market. Managers get the numbers and insights they need to make informed decisions.

Identification of Commercial Partnership Options

PROGRESS ASIA CONSULTING believes an enterprise can move forward with greater speed when highly beneficial partnerships are developed. We enable clients to identify and develop these premium relationships.

Due Diligence

PROGRESS ASIA CONSULTING works with clients to proactively identify potential business risks arising from partnerships. This gives clients a head start with critical data that helps avoid challenges while speeding the road to achieving goals.


Political Risk Analysis and Mitigation Strategies

PROGRESS ASIA CONSULTING closely monitors political developments affecting market and that will or could impact a client’s business. We provide scenarios for actively mitigating possible political turmoil.

Stakeholder Mapping

PROGRESS ASIA CONSULTING identifies and defines all key stakeholders who could have an interest and influence on factors affecting an enterprise. This lets managers understand these individuals and groups for effective interaction.

Conflict Analysis and Conflict Sensitivity

PROGRESS ASIA CONSULTING understands that businesses often operate in volatile and risky environments. Also that public projects aim at reaching residents of conflict-affected areas. We have expertise to enable clients to plan and execute a conflict-sensitive approach.

Engagement with Political Non-State Actors

PROGRESS ASIA CONSULTING provides clients with actionable information needed to navigate interaction with influential non-state political actors (including non-state armed groups, demonstrators) inter alia in conflict-affected regions.


Community Engagement and Sustainability Strategy

PROGRESS ASIA CONSULTING provides the latest understanding and strategies for creating an appropriate sustainability plan. This includes engaging the communities that are stakeholders to the business activity.

Partnership Strategy with Developmental Actors

PROGRESS ASIA CONSULTING identifies and promotes a rich engagement with actors in the developmental sector to maximize the achievement of shared value.

Sustainability Reporting

PROGRESS ASIA CONSULTING understands the increased need for sustainability reporting explicitly or implicitly required by stakeholders and shareholders of companies. We help clients negotiate these areas with the right information, data, and understanding.

Corporate-Community Conflict Mitigation

PROGRESS ASIA CONSULTING helps prevent or appropriately react to community-company conflicts. This can lessen negative impact on the social environment of a business or completely avoid it to achieve goals without hindrance.


Promotion of Goods/Services Trade

PROGRESS ASIA CONSULTING shepherds public sector projects for the stimulation of trade-in-goods and trade-in-services.

Industrial Development

PROGRESS ASIA CONSULTING supports public entities in efforts of economic diversification through advice on stringent industrial policy, support in industrial investment promotion measures and projects related to industrial parks, Special Economic Zones and (Cross) Border Economic Zones and other industrial facilities.

Investment Promotion Activities

PROGRESS ASIA CONSULTING can work with public agencies to promote investments in a country, specific region or specific sector through investment fairs, delegation visits etc.

Effective Public-Private Sector Cooperation

PROGRESS ASIA CONSULTING believes many private businesses work best when they have public assistance and cooperation. We have the experience and know-how to aid governmental departments in more effective public-private cooperation.

Enterprise Development and Entrepreneurship Support

PROGRESS ASIA CONSULTING aids public agencies in their efforts to stimulate new economic activity through market entry or entrepreneurship.

Values, Vision and Mission

Strategic Underpinnings

Our Values


We consider progress to be the leading goal in any project. Whether working with a government agency that wants to impact economic development or a business that wishes to expand their market in Myanmar and beyond, we offer ideas, research, and services to help achieve new possibilities and exciting results.


Our team has a strong focus on getting results on time and budget. We pay careful attention to details to consider all the pertinent factors in any project. We help your operation become more efficient to progress and reach goals with less waste and expenditure.


Making connections with influential actors outside your organization is key to timely progress and development. We strongly believe in making sustained connections based on mutual trust and accountability to create a win-win situation for all stakeholders.


Innovation is the key to progress. We use new ideas, information, and enlightened strategies to create fresh solutions that prove more effective. We are disrupters of outdated methods and want to improve the way people see and do business in Asia.


Ideas for Progress

Online Public-Private Dialogue for ASEAN Integration

In January 2021, Progress Asia Consulting was commissioned to support activities of the Department of Trade of Ministry of Commerce, Naypyitaw, regarding the promotion of the development of trade-in-services on an ASEAN level. Inclusive and two-way exchanges were held with local and international business representatives active in the sectors tourism, healthcare and distribution in Myanmar to support the work of Ministry of Commerce.

Article: Myanmar’s Project Bank

Myanmar’s Project Bank – Leaps forward for Effective Public and Private Sector Cooperation in Myanmar

Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) are a vital tool for achieving sustainable development. In an article published in PULSE Magazine, Felix Haas – Managing Director of Progress Asia Consulting – outlines the key features of the recently launched Project Bank and how it will enable PPP financing and further economic reform: https://progressasia.biz/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Article-Project-Bank.pdf

Article: Mapping the Market Ecosystem for Responsible Business in Myanmar

To achieve Myanmar’s national development goals, all stakeholders across the public, private, and international development sector must work together. Fortunately, a collaborative eco-system for various actors to work together and increase their impact is emerging — whether it’s through development financing, private sector impact funding, or start-up innovation hubs.

Read the full article by Progress Asia’s Managing Director, Felix Haas, via this link: https://progressasia.biz/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Article-Responsible-Business.pdf


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